A Decentralized All-In-One Livestreaming Platform

The first media ecosystem complete with livestreaming, restreaming, video editing, archiving, and messaging - all powered by blockchain technology

Users Hold The Power

Vuwable is a decentralized livestreaming ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain, powered by a rewards system that distributes the store of value to its network participants, so that no single entity controls Vuwable and no single entity reaps all the benefits from growth of the platform. Instead, the structure of the economy itself is distributed amongst users, who hold the power to decide how much they earn and continuously generate value by creating content, engaging in the ecosystem, and running the network tasks and infrastructures. Vuwable revolutionizes the task of moderating content by democratizing and randomizing moderators.


All In One

  • The first livestreaming platform with built-in restreaming capability gives users the broadest audience reach possible.
  • In-app video editor and archive utilizes the latest blockchain technology to decentralize distribution and storage of live video.

Get Rewarded

  • Vuwable ecosystem is powered by the VUW token and operates on a rewards system that pays out the currency to users for engagement and taking on network jobs, focusing on elevating user experience and leveraging platform growth.


  • Governed by all its users, Vuwable does not censor or shadowbox content creators like traditional centralized media companies.
  • Democratization allows all users an equal opportunity to be rewarded for moderating, keeping community standards high.

Meet The Team

Tatsu Ikeda

25 years of experience in tech. Managed 5 companies, 2 non-profits, and consulted 1000+ schools, businesses, and charity organizations on their technology initiatives. Heads IT company Armour Peak. He attended Carnegie Mellon University for Industrial Management.


Zachary Reece

Managing Partner at BlockTrade Investments, the first fully compliant US based blockchain investment fund. CEO of Carolina Investments. Advisor of multiple successful ICO projects. Former lead developer and NYSE trader.

Manish Agrawal

Entrepreneur with 19 years of experience in data science. Former product developer at Boeing, Cisco, and Symantec. Advisor of exchange listed blockchain coin projects EB3 and CNZ. Founder of Science-In-Box, recipient of India National Awards for Excellence in Education.


  • 2017
  • Q3

    • Founders meet to identify livestreaming problems and formulate solution
    • Vuwable company incorporated
  • Q4

    • UX Prototype Completion
    • Conduct livestreamer summit for market research
  • 2018
  • Q1

    • Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for restreaming platform
    • Founders identify opportunity for blockchain-based livestreaming project
    • Research blockchain technology and write whitepaper
  • Q2

    • Identify technology partners
    • Appoint advisors
    • Finalize whitepaper and token economy structure
  • Q3

    • Launch token sale website
    • Assemble development team
    • Develop MVP using Livepeer Media Server
    • Conduct Private Sale
  • Q4

    • Conduct Public Sale
    • Test API integration for restreaming
  • 2019
  • Q1

    • Broadcaster-side livestreaming platform release on vuwable.io for restreaming (features API integration only for restreaming; offchain)
    • Architect token economy structure, wallet, and exchange
    • Integrate third-party user verification system
  • Q2

    • Connect to LPMS and launch livestreaming platform on mainnet
    • Launch wallet and exchange
    • Viewer-side release on vuwable.io (added features: ability to watch livestreams from vuwable.io, comment, flag, upvote / downvote )
    • Add features to broadcaster controls: comment aggregation from multiple platforms, embed code for external websites
    • Test user moderation system
  • Q3

    • Integrate token rewards system
    • Integrate user moderation system
    • Build video storage architecture
    • Enable rewards for user moderation
  • Q4

    • Launch storage nodes to enable archiving of livestreams
    • Integrate targeted marketing streams
  • 2020
    • Integrate subscription and workshop monetization for broadcasters
    • Develop and test additional features: interview, party mode, contacts organizer, in-dapp messaging, simple video editor, search, and filter
    • Discover opportunities to scale blockchain architecture


What is a VUW exactly?

VUW is the ERC-20 utility token used in the Vuwable ecosystem. All transactions and fees including, but not limited to transcoding, storage, voting, and rewards, are paid using the in-app currency.

What is the total number of VUW now and in the future?

The number of existing VUWs are set to 1,000,000,000, with 30% available in the ICO, and the remainder to be released in accordance to the rewards and transcoding smart contracts.

When is the Vuwable platform set to launch?

Please join the community on any of our social media pages and sign up for our whitelist to get the latest updates on our platform development milestones and launch dates.

What currencies will be accepted to purchase VUW?

VUW can be purchased using Bitcoin or Ether.

How is Vuwable a long term business?

Blockchain technology is predicted to be essential to future businesses as consumers seek to increase accuracy, transparency, and security of transactions. Vuwable is powered by Ethereum blockchain and leverages scalable decentralized protocols. This is attractive to users in the long run as they will continue to be rewarded for their participation on the network as the platform grows.

Who is eligible to purchase VUW?

Anyone outside of an excluded country can purchase VUW. For a full list of excluded countries, please refer to the Token Purchase Agreement.